Human Value provides HR services to companies that want to achieve more through the power of their people



We offer customized solutions that can adapt to each company's unique issues and needs.

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Mr. Theodoros Panagiotopoulos

HR Consultant

Selection and Recruitment

We locate and recruit the best people for your organization, putting our expertise at your service for the best match. 


Training and Development


We provide specialized training on HR and management issues, according to your company's needs.

HR Outsourcing


For all those times you need high-quality HR services but do not need to hire an experienced HR professional. We can collaborate on a project basis, working independently or along with your HR team.



Outplacement Services
We offer personalized outplacement services, assisting your former employees in reaching the job market and become more effective in finding a new job.  We help you show your sensitivity and appreciation when the former employee needs it the most 
HR Systems Implementation


We design and implement custom-made HR systems, procedures and policies - Performance Appraisal Systems, Renumeration Systems, Bonus Schemes, Employee Satisfaction Surveys etc.

Human Value

HR Consulting Services

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